Sparta Security Services offer expertise in all sectors of the security industry including providing Residential Security Teams (RST). Based at corporate buildings, private estates and other public and non-public venues, clients can benefit from having a permanent security team in and around them.

The Residential Security Teams (RST) can be utilised by patrolling the entirety of a private estate, monitoring CCTV systems, managing access control, sorting and screening of incoming post and responding to any incidents immediately, ultimately safeguarding the entire premises, its belongings and of course, people who work or live there. These operating procedures can be applied to almost any environment or establishment worldwide. Our knowledge and understanding of such requirements, based entirely on experience at the highest level, is second to none.

Maintaining Privacy And Confidentiality At All Times

We Have Multiple Residential Security Teams Located Around The World

Sparta Security Services has extensive experience in supplying security services & close protection to diplomats, high net-worth individuals, corporate clients and the media/entertainment industry in both hostile and corporate environments.


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