We are able to provide fully trained security professionals for any size of event, and will be happy to work alongside you, or your event organisers. We are able to fully plan and cost the security for your event. Whether you are planning a wedding or a high profile event we are able to provide you with a professional and comprehensive bespoke package to safeguard you and your guests from unwanted attention or prying eyes.

Our Operations Manager will work with you from the initial planning stage of your event, ensuring that every aspect of your security has been considered and every eventuality is planned for. Having a 24-hour Operations Room we have a duty Manager on hand to support our security teams on the ground and ensure your constant security.

All of our staff are professional and will provide a high or low profile security service. Our staff are highly trained and experienced professionals that are licensed to practice via the Security Industry Authority which is a requirement by law within England and Wales. The procedure to obtain a licence includes identity and criminal record checks and the minimum required training credits before any licence is issued. All officers employed by SSS are checked for criminal records every year and receive continuous training throughout their career.

Maintaining Privacy And Confidentiality At All Times

We Operate Event Security Globally For A Vast Range Of High Value Events

Sparta Security Services has extensive experience in supplying security services & close protection to diplomats, high net-worth individuals, corporate clients and the media/entertainment industry in both hostile and corporate environments.


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