The information about employees’ health will be kept private, we will always seek the employeesexplicit consent unless there are exceptional circumstances.

All information stored electronically is stored via a secured server located in the head office, the company follows the procedures of BS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 Information Technology Security techniques.

Information stored on paper copy (personnel files) are secured in metal cabinets at the head office, following the BS EN 7858 Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment.

What we will NOT do:

  • We will not pass personal information to any unrelated 3rd parties unless we are allowed or required to do so by law or we have explicit permission;

  • Allow other members of the organisation access to personal files;

  • We will not keep information longer than it is required for business purposes or legal reasons i.e. HMRC, messages sent 7 years, individual P files 10 years.

    Your Rights:

  • Employees have the right of access to your information and for it to be rectified as appropriate;

  • Employees have the right to portability so that your information can be used in different settings;

  • In certain circumstances, employees have the right to object to processing, for processing to be restricted, and even for the information to be deleted-erased;

  • Employees have the right to withdraw your consent;

  • Employees have the right to complain about how we use your personal information;

    • -  Please contact the Data Protection Officer Matthew Hellyer on 07725 905 227 or

    • -  If you wish to complain about the companies use of your personal information, please contact the UK Information Commissioners Office (ICO) at

      Who is the data Controller;

      Sparta Security Services is the Data Controller.