Sparta Security Services undertakes every shape, form and complexity of security operations. Our expertise allows us to design, implement and then maintain highly professional and effective manned security strategies.

We provide security services to many prestige companies and individuals throughout the UK and worldwide. For all situations, we are able to supply fully trained and licensed professionals who are also trained in health and safety, first aid, and conflict management. Their focus is to protect the individual, their businesses, property and possessions.

We work with our clients to design the most effective security programmes possible, tailored to their exact circumstances and requirements. We then apply sound management principles to maintain the highest levels of vigilance to ensure that all forms of risk are comprehensively mitigated. Our management team monitors every contract to ensure that the agreed standards are met and provide regular meetings in which to discuss any issues or concerns that may arise.

Our commitment is to maintain your privacy and confidentiality at all times, whilst providing you with the service you require.

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